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My World of the Paranormal
Ghost Stories and Experiences
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kage: back when i was working at dollar general  i had noticed a few lingering spirits one always stayed just in the corner of view  u know passing the end of a shelf like he was playing hide and seek  a few distant voices but the three most interesting things i witnessed on the security cameras and in person  ,one day  i watched as a helium balloon  followed a co worker around the store keep in mind  i had just filled it so it should have went right to the ceiling no weights on the strings every isle she went down the balloon would float down turn and follow her movements like a little kid toting a balloon , i mentioned these things to my boss and she asked me to come to the office and she turned on the cams  the store closed at 9pm everyone gone by 11pm  no one back till 7 am motion capture camera system  soo the cameras shouldnt  be running with noone in the store  about 2 to 3 am is when the interesting things begin balls of light running through the store  products being moved around  whole isles lighting up even though the lights were off   there was more than once i proved on the camera i had moved products to their proper places only to have them back  in the same spot i moved them from then night before , and finally around christmas one day  had about 6 people looking at the ornaments and talking to eachother out of nowhere about 10 ft from them a nativity house  flew off a shelf and hit the floor in the middle of the group noone near it to have knocked it down  yeah that was a fun  trying to explain that i knew noone actually broke anything

On a whim one night my friends and myself got the urge to look up haunted places in our area. We decided upon Britton Lane Battlefield here in Jackson Tn.When going to the battlefield you get a very heavy and uneasy feeling that can be felt a mile away. Once stepping foot onto the soil. It gets even heavier. My friend and myself are very sensitive to the paranormal. Once standing there we both felt sharp and intense pains, almost like being shot. Accompanied by nausea. Mine was in my shoulder and hers was in her leg. Standing at the bottom of the hill, looking upwards, we saw a see through shadow walking across the field. Dissapearing as soon as it hit the lights. We walked the entire perimeter of the battlefield. all the while the pain was intense, and the nausea was the same. I began to feel suffocated and it became hard to breath so we decided it was best we left. These feelings in us dissapeard immediately when we got exactly a mile away from the Battlefield.
Krysta Long, Britton Lane Battlefield, Jackson TN

Ok so today I went with my dad to drop off our neighbour at his doctor appointment in town because we had some errands to run anyway. So, the neighbours doctor appoint was over in an office building that is used for some of the Hospital services. Needless to say the building is in an area where a lot of the state hospital buildings are to ( to those who might not realise it. We call it the State Hospital because its just a lot politer than calling it the Mental Institution or any other variant most of us would call it) at any rate as my dad and I were driving away from it I made a comment about it being haunted. Strangely enough he told me that the basement levels where some of the tunnel walks are, are actually haunted and I asked him what made him say that. His reply was that because they actually were and that he knew so because He had been down there before. I asked him if he and experienced things down there before and he had said yes. He didn't go into detail about it but I had also made the comment to him in the regards that I thought he didnt believe in 'spooks' and he replied by telling me, that just because someone doesn't believe in that sort of thing doesn't make it any less real or true. This realisation sort of blew me away considering it came from my dad lol.

Aries, Bandit Co-owner, Investigator.

What happend was one day my my ex-wife's mom came in and visited us and I always knew the house was well "haunted" but I had never seen the spirits act out before you know I hadn't really seen any thing major aside for feeling things here and there and hearing voices and stuff, well she had come over and beforhand she had bought a sodapop , she came in and asked if she could get a glass and some ice, so naturally we let her; I took her in the kitchen and got her a glass and put some ice in it and handed it to her , all the cabinets were closed and all and nothing unusual. She poured half her soda in the glass and we were standing and talking and she grabed her glass and went to get a drink, keep in mind she was holding it the whole time and hadn't drank any of it and the glass had no soda in it at all , I watched her poor it and at the same time we all noticed the empty glass save for the ice in it, I peeked in the kitchen cause I heard what sounded like a vent or something moving as housing vents normally do for air fluctuations outside , and when I looked in the kitchen all the cabinet doors and drawers were all open. At first she thought I was messing with her then she realised we had all been standing in the living room when it happened. She freaked out left and never entered the house again.

story submitted by "Bandito" Neal (Kage)

Ok last night/this morning I heard someone/thing whistling out in the front room I know for a fact it was not the cats because they dont sound like that at all and it wasnt my dad cus he's not home and it wasnt my uncle cus my uncle didnt come down until well into the evening today and this morning around six am till around 7 or 8 as I laid in bed trying to relax enough to get some sleep someone/thing kept rapping their fingertips/nails against the outside of the window just above the bed I was sleeping in and that would take either a tall person or someone with a good reach to that without making an effort of it to reach the window even, they did it like 4 or 5 times and none of the trees in my yard are close enough or have a close enough reach to come even within an inch of the window so I know for a fact that it was not any of the trees and the set of neighbors we do have would under no reason come to the window above my bed they would come to the door or the front windows and earlier around 9 or so this evening I was sitting in my usual chair and I was facing the tele, the cats were in their usual places and the dog was in the back room and all of a sudden it felt like someone had bumped or kicked at any rate the bottom of my chair and yet I'm the only one home.

I have a unique tale from my father that takes place in the 1970's on the Maple Valley Highway in Renton Washington. Now anybody wandering the net can find the story about the girl but that isn't what my dad and his friends saw that night. They where driving the Maple Valley Highway late at night, when this fog appeared in the road and in the midst of this fog bank was a man carrying a lantern that had a fierce glow like that of a oil or candle lantern. when he appeared it was right before them so there was no time to stop and when they traveled through him they looked back and saw nothing and the fog was gone as well.

P.S. These men were "shroomin'" at the time but I don't see the likelihood of a mass hallucination do you?

If anyone else had this experience I would sincerely like to hear of it because I can only find online the girl's story.

Brought to you by Bob via Luna

Ok it started when I was bout 5 or 6, we moved into a house we where renting. Mom wanted me in one particular room but I was horrified of it. After a couple of bad experiences in that room Mom finally moved me into the den.I don't recall the night but my mom has told of a night I sat straight up in bed and let out a blood curdling scream. She was afraid to come in at first when she did though she found me sitting up crying
and pointing at the ceiling saying there was some one looking down on me. In this same room one woman had an out of body experience & a teenage girl heard scratching on the window. later we found out a man died in that room with his wife cheating on him in the next room. So he didn't
particularly like women after that. He also took jewelry and hid it.
A another time we lived in a house with a ghost who looked a lot like my brothers shadow, he was a foster sibling of my cousin who committed suicide in the house. There were still bloodstains on the carpet. My 16th birthday we were driving down the road and fallowed by a light in the we stopped then it took mom was driving a friend of mine back home and we managed to lose 2 hours we turned of one street and found ourselves right back on it but nobody remembers what happened in the 2 hours that became nonexistent.
Now I'm was married and my ex-husband suffered from sleep paralysis occasionaly and he doesn't believe in the
paranormal but he certainly scares nicely when he paralyzes. my paternal grandmother had a picture of jesus that hid the picture of a devil worshiper that kept flying off the walls eventually she burned it and it screamed my mother has many tales of her own as well but that can be saved for another time.

I've been having paranormal experiences for as long as I can remember, so I won't share all of them but I will share one of my fondest ones.  I was living at Tongue Point Job Corps Center at the time, which has a rich history in the paranormal.  Just ask anyone who's been there and they'll tell you its true. Well my story is of the old couple, why they would have been there I don't rightly know because before TPJCC was a job corps center it was a naval base.  I had the top bunk at the time, and me and my roommate had just gotten a brand new, really nice, wood framed mirror put in our room just above our very simple desk.  well our beds were situated where mine face the door, scooted against the window, and my roommates was against the wall that was facing the bathroom, the same wall that our mirror and desk was against.  well my bed was at just the right angle I could see most of the room in the reflection of the mirror.  At night, I would every so often glance in the mirror, and knowing full well our chair was tucked in under the desk, I would see this really old couple with period dress, they weren't like old but they were maybe in there 40s or 50's which was considered old at the time of course. but in the reflection the chair would be turned out, facing me, and the woman would be sitting and the man standing behind her slightly to her side and his hands would be placed on her shoulders. well the actual chair was in fact tucked in under the desk and no one would be sitting in it or even near it. So what  I was seeing was in the reflection.  I told my roommate about it once just to see if she saw it too and she said she didn't and became a bit frightened, for no reason of course, because the couple were quite harmless.  I saw them every night for I think quite a few months up until I left in August of 2000.

Spirited Phone Message ( as told to me by a friend who witnessed it)
My friend Who I'll Call J. was witness to three consecutive phone messages on his soon to be mom's Who I'll call D's answering machine.
J and D had spent an afternoon a couple weekends ago with the family, which consisted of D, J his brother K and their dad.  Upon getting home that evening they checked their messages, which was odd that the had three no less which had not been indicated on the caller id. 
They had to listen closely to the message three times before they could clearly hear what was being said.  The part that really got them, after listening to it was the fact they could make out certain details in the background that led to D remembering the event playing on the machine.
J described to me the content of the message as two people singing a song in a vehicle, in the pouring rain. which could also be heard in the background.
D said she thought about it and she was able to recall the memory of the event and stated that the person(s) on the answering machine was of her and her close male friend at the time and how they had been driving somewhere in the rain singing a song that had meaning to them, the song, Bridge over troubled water.  She also distinctly heard at the end of the message, the male voice Saying "love you D".  The creepy thing, The gentleman has been dead for 10 years now. 
Tell me that ain't the least bit chilling.

This is the exact story as was emailed to me from my friend and her wife.  Yes I said wife. Please note that I left the very last paragraph out of this posting because it was not entirely related to the story and was more of a personal statement directed towards me and thus was requested of its being left out.  But here is the story, otherwise as it was emailed to me :
Dear Liz,
An amazing thing happened tonite. I wrote you an IM about it and thought, after seeing your website that you might want to go ahead and post it on your site. The event happened around 2:00am to 2:30 am this morning. We had put Cozy to bed. The pets were settling down for the night and it was just Kathi and I here in the bedroom. I was laying in bed having a smoke. Kathi was sitting here at the computer also smoking while playing a game with a friend of hers. Her house key was sitting perfectly centered on her wallet which was sitting perfectly centered on the speaker near the wall. I was putting out my cigg when I heard a clang as the key hit the wall and landed on the floor. Kathi described it as looking like someone had just reached over and flicked the key or threw the key at the wall. We both turned and looked at each other. I asked her what the noise was and she told me what happened. As soon as I heard the key hit the wall I felt like something wasn't right. I am going to try and find out either tonite or over the next few days to make sure that every one in my life is ok. For some reason it feels like something is trying to stop us from moving to Alaska.
When it comes to all the things that have been happening in conjunction to the move I will email you later about it. But something is going on and something just doesn't feel right. I would love to know what your thoughts are on this. There is another thing that we have noticed around the house as well.
The first thing I want to tell you is that we do have spirits who are around us all the time. Both of Kathi's fathers, her mother, my Grandma Naunnie, and my son, Michael, are always near by.
We recently moved out of our old room and into this one after our friend left for Alaska. Before that, Cosy had the third room. We noticed that it was cold in there and that our (now old) room was warmer. So we moved her into our room with us. Well, not long after we did, we noticed that the room became a lil bit colder. Then, after our friend left, we moved into this room, his old room, because this one is the warmest. We were thinking that Cozy would be just fine in the other room. Well, over the weeks that he has been gone, her room has gotten colder and colder. It's now cold, almost freezing in there, all of the time. We aren't sure what is causing it to do that. Because now the empty room is the second warmest room in the house. We think that one or more of the spirits are spending a lot of time in with Cozy. But we are not sure. Again, I would love to know what you think about this.
There are other things that have happened in the past. Esp. after I lost Michael. My spirit Guide and my spirit Guardian have shown me disturbing things which I do not want posted because it's way too sensitive of a subject but I am willing to talk to you one on one about it sometime.

Well first of all I really enjoyed your web site. I also had a story to send you about a few of my own experiences. The majore one take place at TPJCC.

It was the end of November of '99 and they had had a big Christmas dinner thing up at the theater by the front gate. Well I was involved with "Hillbilly" (C.H.) at the time and we decided to leave early. Well it was really foggy and as we walked through the center we could not see two feet in front of us. We ran into a few friends Chad and "Little Man" (dont remember his real name) and they always acted funny but that night they were really freaked out and said that little demons were after them and they wanted to warn us to be careful cuse what ever it was wanted everyones soul. Well we just thought that they were joking and went on with our walk. Well we ended up at the old dock that had the big cement blocks infront of it. I was sitting on one of the blocks and he was standing in front of me and we were talking and kissing and joking around then all of a sudden behind us it was daylight and there was a ship and a bunch of guys in old navy outfits and next to us was a man in a high ranking uniform and a woman dressed like a nurse. They walked right through the cement blocks and were walking down the dock when from somwhere by the ship came a lot of screaming and yelling. Everyone took off and ran to where the yell was coming from. A guy had fallen in the water and got caught in the propeller. We could see the blood in the water and everything. But just as fast as it happened it was gone. Well we freaked and left, but I dont think that I will ever forget it.

Here's another one: It was when the center had the power go out for the few days. Myself, sister N and about three other people were hanging out at the side of the rec. hall (the end by the pool hall). Everyone was smoking and talking when T looked in the window and said "what is that light on the other side of the pool tables?" . Well we thought that somone was in there and thought that we would try the door and it was open so we went in and thought that it would be fun to go see who else was in there. Well got to the skating rink and I got a really bad chill down my spin. Well ever since I was little I have been able to sense when things are not right and I know that what ever this was it was bad and N knows to trust my senses so when I said we had to get out now everyone turned and ran for the door. We just got out and I was leaning against the door when that "Light" that T saw rammed the door and went right through me. It knocked me to the ground and I could not breath for a few minutes. For about an hour after that I was shaking and felt very angry. I am not sure what went through me that night but I know for a fact that if it had gotten to us when we were still in the building something bad would have happened. I could not sleep for a few days after that cause I kept seeing things.

I have more but I think that these were the best stories that I can remember I hope that you can use them.