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My World of the Paranormal
Various Haunted Sites of the Pacific Northwest (for now)
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Various Haunted Places around Washington, Oregon, California and Idaho. 

Here are some Places that either myself, Kelli or a trusted resourced has proven to in fact be haunted.  While We're not going to post every single haunted place we will post places that we have found to be of interest.

St. Martin Mineral Hotsprings Hotel
Carson Washington
Built in about 1897 the old St. Martin hotel still stands the lobby is used for reservations for the new Motel and to purchase the tickets for the mineral baths in the old claw foot tubs in the bath house that was built in about 1923. I apologize for the inability to inform on the activity taking place.Due to current restrictions from the ownership of the property.

Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery 900 South 7th Street Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

Please if you have any information about this cemetery, contact me.  I have been trying to gather some information about this cemetery and it has proven to be a very elusive subject. So please pretty please if you have any kindof information about it such as the history of it, dates and the likes I would appreciate if you could email me the information.

Salem - Oregon State Hospital - When walking in the old sections of the tunnels that run under the various buildings, you can sense that you are not alone. On the older section of the building (Administration Building) You at times will catch a site of figures in the windows, This building is also the site of which One flew Over The Cuckoos Nest was filmed. The building is condemned, however still has tormented spirits that occupy its halls and rooms.

Salem - Fairview Training Center - This place was home to Salem's Developmentally Disabled. Stories of brutality and murder about from this location. Many have said to see people walking across the lawns at night even though the place has been locked up since 2000. The cemetery there was built over by a building in 1930's and the bodies were not moved when the building was torn down no one could account for the missing 12 or so bodies. Former employees have said that they have seen the walls bleed and chairs move by themselves.