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My World of the Paranormal
Aliens and other related stuffs
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My and others experiences with Aliens, UFOs and other related phenomena

Ok so at the moment I'm not going to relate to you all of my experiences with UFOs and Aliens. However I do believe in them just the same. No I have not been abducted by anal probing aliens and have never been 'experimented' on them by what are now considered in the conventional sense. I will perhaps relay one experience for now though so that if I make any future references or jokes about it you can understand the origins of the joke.

So I had the odd little dream a while back ago involving a small ufo and what is now dubbed my 'rainbow alien'. in this dream I had been sleeping in my own bed and another person in the bed that was at the foot of my bed. As I tried to roll over and fall back asleep this other person was trying desperately to get up onto my bed with me and snuggle. As he was pining at my feet and got irritated because something had put weight against my back. I had rolled over to see what it was and it turned out to be a small ufo that had crashed on its 'edge' and came to rest against my back. so I did my best to roll it over and off my bed and I once I did this I rolled back over only to find that the other person had fully crawled into bed with me and so I tucked my head in and snuggled up against his chest. As I did this I could hear another voice to the head of me and I tilted my head back and sure enough it was a little alien, he seemed to appear 'older' by human standards and was wearing a little gray cloak with is hood up.  He kept asking me to take him to where the 'leader of your music' was and that this music he kept hearing was giving him pleasure and he wanted more. As quirky as this might sound, and as much as this might sound a bit as though he was talking about sexual pleasure, he didnt mean it that way. He was trying to use symbology that we would understand and it simply sounded wrong in his expression of it. Thus I told my sister and brother in law about it and thats how we came up with the inside joke of him being a rainbow alien.  Being that who knows Maybe Aliens don't have the same sense of gender and/or sexual identity as humans do.


The above picture was taken on the 4th of July 2007 in Coos Bay Oregon on the downtown boardwalk area. Notice the image of the alien face. Yes it is merely a distorted reflection in the plexiglass. Even though it is a distortion I find it a comical distortion none the less.