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My World of the Paranormal
Photo Album 2
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Pictures that I've come across on the internet or someone I know has given to me along the way.  Whenever possible I will include the source of the pictures.


My best guy friend Kage pointed this picture out to me and we both noticed the ghosties in it.  I find the story behind this picture though very fascinating. If you want to find out the story about it go to


Poor children, having been born into a family of losers.


I don't exactly recall the story behind this picture.  I do know though that it's been all over the internet so I thought I would post it here just to get your opinion about it.


Ever wonder how it is a person(s) can come out of a car wreck like that with their bodies unscathed and their lives still intact? I would say the figure of the guardian angel explains it. Either that or it was sheer luck but I vote for the angel.


To me this looks like someone got shoved down on to his/her knees.


A pic of a girl who supposed got killed in a fire that obiviously destroyed the buidling.  Somewhere in England.


The story I read about this one was that there was a little boy that was killed in a train accident on his way to school several years ago.