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My World of the Paranormal
Haunted Works of Fiction
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Pieces of Fiction with a haunting resonance.


Micah and his twin sister Willow were inseparable from the day they were born. They were the best of friends and they seemed to have connection that only the strongest of sibling bonds could ever have. Micah knew though that Willow was special, she wasn’t like other children their age and for that he was extra careful with her and he was extremely protective of her more so than had she not been special.

Micah shared everything with Willow. He shared his toys, he shared his allowance if she needed extra money for something special. He always helped her with her homework. He did everything with her, it didn’t matter what it was as long as it made her happy he was ok with. What Micah liked best of all was having someone to share all his secrets with and know that Willow would never tell another living soul.

The year of their 18th birthday was going to be their best year yet. See, their birthday fell on Halloween and This year they had planned to dress up as each other and go trick or treating one last time before going off to college in the fall. What Micah didn’t know though, or at least he had lead everyone to believe, was that this was going to be the last year he and Willow would ever see each other, for on the night of their birthday, Willow was going away. She was going away for good.

When all was said and done that night and they both got home and poured out their candy on the kitchen table as had always been their custom, They sat there until dawn going through their candy and laughing and conversing. Finally when the sun rose that morning Micah and Willow went to bed. Micah got up and showered and went downstairs to greet his parents and then sit down to his afternoon meal. Micah looked forlornly at the seat across from him in puzzlement. He vaguely wondered where his beloved sister Willow was. He looked over at his mother and ventured to ask “ Mom where’s Willow? She’s late to the table.”

That’s when his mother sat down, a tear cresting her eyes as she did so and that’s when she decided to tell Micah the truth about his sister. See Willow had not been born like Micah, in fact she had been still born. Micah’s parents had always kept this truth from him because they knew that if they had told him the truth that it would kill him inside. Micah listened to his mother as she told him the story and when it came his turn to speak he said this “ Mom I know that Willow is dead, I have always known, but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t with me this whole time. Didn’t you ever wonder who it was I was always talking to and playing with when growing up?”

13 Roses and Death

Thea Rei and her family were financially comfortable. They may not have been the richest of families but the money had been hard earned and for that, they were well accepted into the socialite scene of the times. Thea’s parents were proud of her for her accomplishments at her young age and they had no trouble expressing that to her either. Not to mention she was very beautiful for the tender age of 17 and was well sought after by all the available young men of the town.

Thea was well educated and very well read. In those days it was common practice for wealthy families to be well educated and even well traveled. While Thea was well sought after, she had no real interest in the young men of the day and this troubled her parents very much considering they wanted her to be happy and they wanted for her to have the opportunity to marry in to a family that had money.

All of that soon changed though when the Masquerade Ball approached. Of course they all went, her parents , her older sister and of course her older brother Jeremiah who couldn’t help but be the life of the crowd amongst the other well to do young men who attended the Masque.

That’s when he caught her attention. Bryton McPherson. He was young, handsome and very well mannered. His eyes, oh his eyes captivated her something fierce though. They were as deep blue as the bluest most tropical oceans of a seemingly far away world. That’s when she knew that she was in love, and Bryton was just the man she wanted to ask her hand in courtship.

Bryton saw Thea and knew that she would be the one he would take home with him to be his bride. Her long locks were of the most vibrant sunset red and her lips as full and lush as swollen ripe fruits. Her eyes were a stark and captivating green and he knew right then and there he had to have her on his arm for eternity. The couple danced all evening, not sparing others the chance to be at their arms at all.

Her parents seemingly adored him at first introduction. Jeremiah though seemed unsettled by this young man attempting to court his youngest sister, he kept insisting that something did not seem right about him but he said nothing because he seemed to be making Thea happy for once.

The night drew to an end and the party goers all began to take to their carriages and go home to their beds. A week had passed and no word had been received from Thea’s suitor and her heart seemed to sink even more with each passing day that she had no word of Bryton.

Thea, having been heartbroken, fell gravely ill and became bed ridden. Her whole family had become worried and filled with grief over her sudden illness and soon realised that not even the doctors could provide them with any comfort let alone a cure for her.

This seemed to be when the late night visits began. Every night Bryton appear at Thea’s window, and with each visit brought her a deep red rose and a book of her favorite authors. Each night he would read to her until the breaking of dawn. On the 13th night, he came for one final visit, and brought one final rose; this time a black rose. With the rising of the sun, Bryton got his wish and took his bride with him.

Thea’s family was never the same after discovering her lifeless body laying in her bed that morning.

The Train Accident

I can’t seem to figure out why my parents and my big brother are crying again today. Max, that’s my big brother missed football practice again today. The past week every time I have asked my parents why they are crying, they won’t answer me. They act as if I’m not here anymore. Max ignores me too when I try to ask him the same thing.
Yesterday the police came to our house and told my parents and max some sad news and my mom started crying all over again. When mom started crying again my dad excused himself and took mom to their bedroom and tried to comfort her while Max sat with the policemen.

We went to a funeral today and what I had heard, I didn’t believe because I was standing there the whole time and I don’t remember going anywhere. The pastor had said that me and my best friend Adam had died last week in his mom’s car. He said we died on accident because the car had stopped on the train tracks by the park on our way home. I kept trying to tell the pastor he was mistaken, that I was standing right there with my family but for some reason he couldn’t hear me.

I finally had to believe him though when we got home and I saw my and Adam’s picture on the front page of the newspaper. The newspaper said that two little boys died in a train accident but the mom survived but no one was sure if she was going to live for very long or not.

The two little boys were me and Adam for sure, no one forgets their best friends face in a picture.
The newspaper also mentioned that the doctors said that Adam's mom was drunk or something bad like that and that she was trying to hurry home for something and she stalled the engine on the car and that’s why it stopped. I don’t think she meant to hurt me and Adam honest.

Can someone please tell her its ok, that me and Adam are just fine. And can someone please tell my Mom and Dad that it was just an accident and I’m sorry. And most of all can someone please tell Max I’m doing ok and he can play football again, That I'm always with him and that I'm always with Mom and Dad too.