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My World of the Paranormal
History / Background
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Looking back...

I actually  am a memeber of two paranormal investigations groups and will be soon joining with another.  So I do actually provide services to those who wish to utilise it.  If you live outside of Salem though I can provide you a contact of a local paranormal investigator for your area or someone who can point you in the right direction atleast.  So feel free to drop me an email and we'll go from their.
Kelli: I am only a part of Bandit for the moment, Until I have more time to spare for more investigations and groups. I love to research and I am well connected to another paranormal investigative group in Washington.So though I personally am not equipped to handle investigations at the moment if your issue is in Washington I can and am more then willing to point you in a direction to find some one who can do your investigation until Bandit is better equipped.

My Background

My paranormal experiences have actually been occuring since I was an infant.  I dont remember much except for what my mother and grandmother have told me.  I didn't have my first actual memory though of seeing ghosts/spirits until I was 10 years of age when my dog had died.  My experience though didn't go full fledged until I was actually 18 when my grandfather had passed away and we kept his container of ashes right in our own home. Since then I have been aware of ghosts/spirits around me.  even when I went to vocational school on a center that was rich with naval history.  Even to this day I still have experiences.  And so now my daughter has experiences of her own as well.  I will save the brunt of my stories though till another time.

Kelli: My experiences have ranged from Poltergeist activity when I was very small to missing time (I would love to tell you where it went but that remains a mystery to me still. 13 years later)I come from a family of sensitives. I have lived many years with the spirits who have inhabited the homes prior to my occupying they're space. I have lived with a person who suffers occasionally from sleep paralysis which can be a frightening thing to the victim and those who love them. I first met Liz at the naval base turned vocational school,she mentioned and I have always been drawn to the paranormal and occult.