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My World of the Paranormal
Photo Album
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I will post more photos as time and space permits and  I would love to see some of your supernatural photos as well.




Above: Again more photos submitted by Kage


The above picture was taken at a Nursing Home in Altus Oklahoma during the halloween holiday and submitted by Kage with permission of Becca.


(above) This is a picture of my maternal (on mom's side of family) great-uncle as a babe. trick of the lighting or are there two Spirits?


I don't know if its just a trick of the light or what exactly caused the rainbow to appear but I thought it was an interesting picture to share.


(above) This was a picture taken in Ft. Worth, Texas by I believe a relative of mine so I dont know what building it would have been (if you do know I would appreciate hearing from you).

(below) By far one of the creepiest paranormal photos I've taken yet.  Please let me know what you see because I've seen many things in this photo and so have some of my friends (please note it is not a developing error)





Above: More photos submitted by Kage with persmissions of original owners.




The three above pictures were taken by Kelli's Mom the other night at a holiday parade. They were taken in the parking lot of a now derelict and no longer used Nursing Home for Senior Citizens in Goldendale Washington.


(Above) Proof that Ghosts do exist on this particular Job Corps Center.  (the orbs in question are outlined)



the two above pictures were taken by my mom and then given to me. they were as best  I can tell taken out by her garage. While I believe they were not faked.  I find it difficult to tell if the mist was caused by smoke for sure or not though I don't believe it was. If it is in fact smoke and the orbs merely dust, then the obvious results may have been caused by someone not in the view of the camera but either way if it was just something naturally explainable or if it's indeed paranormal it makes for an excellent picture.