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My World of the Paranormal
Bigfoot Encounters
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Bigfoot. is a legend that lends an air of paranormality to the topic of such a creature existing based on the fact that there is little proof positive evidence to support such a cause of belief. It also lends itself to being an urban legend simply based on the fact that what evidence there does happen to be, isn't very subsantial in and of itsself because its all based on circumstantial eye-witness accounts.  So I present this topic with an unbiased attention for the time being and will let you come to your own conclusions.

While I don't personally hold a belief in the existance of Bigfoot, there are people out there who do. While there is not scientific proof positive evidence in favour of his/her existance there does seem to be evidence otherwise in the way of personal experiences to support the notions of  his/her existance.  While eventually I am sure that I will have to add Bigfoot to our Urban Legends site, I am presenting the stories we recieve here first... based on the idea that there is an air of paranormality to such stories about Bigfoot.  So without further adieu here is my first submission of a Bigfoot encounter.

This is the story as presented to me by reader submission.
This takes place back in the late 60's. When my dad was in the navy he was stationed in California. Well him and about three other guys decided to go camping at a cabin that one of the other guys family owned. It was out in the woods around Orange County. Well they were drinking and BBQing and just having fun but about 8:30 pm they were sitting around the table playing cards and they kept hearing funny noises out side but they all thought that it wasa just the local wild life so they ignored it and kept playing cards. About half an hour after the noises started something hit the cabin. It hit it so hard that it knocked things off of the wall that it hit. Well they all got a little freaked by this and went out to see what it was. Now keep in mind that this is a log cabin and the doors and walls are very think so what ever hit it had to hit it pretty darn hard and be really darn big. When they went out side to see what it was dad said that it smelled really bad and there were big foot prints on the ground and where the wall was hit some of the wood had been torn off. Now the table that they were sitting at was against the back door and the front door is directly accrossed for it. Well after they saw all of this and they kept hearing somthing moving in the trees around back they all got a little freaked and decided to go back in to town and call the cops cause they did not have a phone at the cabin. Well when they went back in to get there stuff somthing hit the back door and it pushed the table half way acrossed the room. Needless to say they got the hell out of there as fast as they could and as they were leaving they saw somthing run out the front door of the cabin and back into the woods. Well the next day when they went back (during day light) the back door was completely destroyed and the inside of the cabin had been torn apart but nothing was gone but what food they had. They never found out what went through the cabin and my dad said that he was glad that they did not stay around to find out or they may not be here today.
Well I hope that you like it it is true as far as I know. I hope that it is not to long.